Culinary Arts

Welcome to the Culinary Arts Program!

Designed for high school students interested in exploring the creative and technical side of culinary arts. The emphasis of this course is placed on becoming a chef. This year-long program consists of lab days in the kitchen, as well as, basic cooking, food preparation and presentation. To top it off students will love taste testing their own creations!

Fall Semester

✓ Career Exploration

✓ Basic rules of food safety and sanitation

✓ Food-borne Illnesses (safe food temps, basic cooking and handling methods)

✓HACCP Program

✓ Food Handler’s Certificate

Spring Semester

 ✓ Knife Skills

✓ Meat, Poultry and Vegetable preparation

✓ Basic sauces, sandwiches, bakery and pastries

✓ International Cuisine

✓ Food plating and presentation

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