Principal’s Message Elementary


Welcome to Seacoast Christian Academy! As you research all that our amazing school has to offer, take note of the heart of our academy – our students’ spiritual, academic, and social success and the determination of our faculty to realize this success. At SCA we strive to exceed academic standards while instilling Christian faith, ethics, and morality. Our unique environment provides our students with a safe place to reach their fullest potential and grow into their authentic self.

Why choose a Christian private education for your child?

A research approach to Culturally Responsive Caring and Teaching, (dubbed The Catholic School Effect based on sources of data) describes our Christ-centered school well. Through building a community of love and support, we are able to dismantle many barriers to student achievement such as economic, racial, familial, and social status. Students are given the opportunity to achieve more because they are in the SCA family of support. Our staff and leadership are motivated and driven by faith. Through servant leadership, and fostering such in our students, we make hope a reality, build trust, exhibit love, and our students excel as a result.

I welcome you to visit our wonderful school and discover all that we offer towards the investment in your child’s future.

Grace and peace,

Amanda Manzanilla
Lower School Principal